As a little girl, I knew 2 things: I loved beautiful things, and I loved people. I could often be found picking wildflowers (a.k.a. dandelions) for my mother or playing dress-up with my mother’s jewelry. From an early age, I began realize that beauty could be found in anything, even small things that seemed ordinary (like those dandelions I used to pick). As I grew, I discovered that there was also beauty in every life around me, no matter who it was, and I developed a love for people of all ages and walks of life. When people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was simple in my mind. I would help the world see beauty, and I would love people, especially my own husband and children someday.


As I got older, reality began to set in. My once clear-cut path became less clear as I realized that life isn’t just a fairytale where everyone lives happily ever after. I was going to have to choose a career that would support myself and my future family, and I just didn’t see how my dream of sharing beauty with others and loving people could possibly become a sustainable career.  So, I put aside my childhood dreams and went to college. There, while studying business, I met my husband. We graduated and were married shortly after. We began our careers, living the life everyone expected of us. It was the life I had come to accept as the norm, even though I still had a small ember of that little-girl dream to love people and help them see beauty in the world.


Fast forward a few years to the day we found out we were expecting our first little one. We were elated! I began to think more seriously about what this baby would mean for my career. Would our little one spend his days with a babysitter while I worked, or might it be possible for me take a break for a while and stay home to raise this little one? I had always loved children, and I found that I didn’t want to miss a single moment of my own child’s development. Then, I had an idea. Maybe this was my chance for my childhood dream to come true. Maybe, just maybe, I could be a work-at-home mom, raising my children, helping other mamas to see the beauty of motherhood, and helping improve the lives of others around the world with some of my profits. I discussed the plan with my husband, and we decided to give it a try. This dream that began when I was a little girl was about to come true, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I was getting the best of both worlds. I could be a mommy, help make the world see beauty, and help people around the world feel loved all at the same time.