landscape managementThere is a common myth that being a mompreneur means being wonder woman. However, that simply isn’t true. At least it’s not true in my case. I am still human, and I have human limitations. I have to keep my sanity like every other mother. That being said, I guess there is a chance that mompreneurs do have a small superpower. It’s called prioritizing and letting go. Without prioritizing, I am sure I would go insane.

In order for me to balance motherhood with my work, it is essential that I prioritize. The obvious first step in my prioritizing is that my family comes before my business. However, I have to move beyond this generalization and get more specific because it is important that both my family and my business get my attention. After all, my business helps support my family, so it is very important that I keep up with it.

I have had to learn to either let some things go or let someone else do them. This goes for both my home and my business. People always come first, whether they are the people in my family or my business. Therefore, I make sure to put my family relationships and customer relationships at the top of my priority list. When it comes to tasks, however, if I find it impossible to do them quickly or efficiently, or if I just can’t find the time for them, I will hire them out. I would never hire a nanny, however, because it would sacrifice much of my relationship with my children. However, I have recently hired out my cleaning and my landscape management because they were taking away time that I could spend with my family or working on my business. My landscaping and cleaning were tasks I hated, and they took away from time the I had to spend with my family. It is also extremely important to me to have a clean house and colorful landscaping, which is why I chose these two particular tasks to outsource. Now, not only am I happy because my house is pretty and my landscape management company keeps my house looking beautiful, but my family is also happier because I don’t have to spend unnecessary time on these tasks anymore.

My encouragement to you, whether you are a full-time stay-at-home mom, a work-at-home mom, or a mom who works full time outside of the house is that none of us are or can be superwoman. However, each of us can take a few minutes to prioritize the things in our lives and make sure the most important things get done. The things that are less important can either wait, or you can have someone else do them. Don’t try to be superwoman. Just try to be smart when it comes to prioritizing and be sure to put the most important people in your life first.